Your Hot Flush Emergency Survival Kit


We speak from the heart here! You need to be prepared for dealing with the sweaty aftermath of a hot flush meltdown or anxiety-induced sweat. Go equipped to freshen up when that hormonal surge has left you wet and wasted. Worth carrying the following emergency supplies:


Refreshing wipes

Your apocrine sweat glands will be working overtime which means there’s lots of lovely sweat for bacteria to feed on, causing that distinctive sour body odour.  Carry some deodorant wipes. Crystal Body Deodorant Wipes with Chamomile & Green Tea come in small sealed sachets ready to to freshen up your pits, 100% Biodegradable (better for your body and the environment) they come in packs of 24, buy them on Amazon

Tampons & Pads

Periods come and periods go. Fluctuating hormones mean periods may come when you’re least expecting it, so be prepared, especially if you're in the first few months of HRT when spotting and bleeding can happen without any warning. Carry a tampax or pad to be to help manage your nagging fear of menstrual overflow (FOMO).

Spritzer bottle

Make your own spritzer to spray on your face & body when your own internal sauna kicks in and you need to cool down quickly. Fill a small spray bottle with water, add 3-5 drop of peppermint oil and shake. Keep in the fridge for added freshness. There's refreshing spritz sprays on the market, try Physicool, Magicool, or Promensil.


What no-one will want to tell you is that you may have bad breath. Fluctuating hormones can cause a dry mouth so there’s not as much saliva swashing around to cleanse your mouth and get rid of odour inducing bacteria. You might want to squeeze that toothpaste tube one or two times more than you normally do, giving teeth cleans during the day. Carry mini mouthwash and toothpaste/toothbrush,breath fresheners or  a sugar -free chewing gum to gather up any bacteria-friendly food debris. 

When nothing but a fan will do.

Sometimes you’ve just got to create your own cool air. You can pick up a flimsy piece of card or follow the example of  Spanish senoras who know what to use in the heat of the moment. Keep a fan to hand ... in your bag, on your desk and in the car. 

A change of top

If menopause sweats make your clothes wet and odours, think about carrying a change of top, especially if you're in for a long day. Once you've used a deodorant wipe and/applied deodorant it might be a good idea to put on a clean top.