Breast Pain and Tenderness


 Running for the bus, up the stairs, or pretty much anywhere, makes you cup your sore and throbbing breasts. Ouch!

“U Can’t Touch This”! MC Hammer’s 90’s song reminds us of the tender perimenopause issues facing many women.


Why now?

Before a period, extra fluid can make your breasts tender, but now erratic periods, and hormone changes, mean your breasts can feel heavy, painful and lumpy pretty much anytime. However, it’s reassuring to know that cyclical (or period related) breast pain isn’t usually a symptom of other breast-related conditions or breast cancer, and doesn’t increase your risk of developing it.

Non-cyclical breast pain is more common in postmenopausal women. It can be a constant dull, heavy, aching pain - or one that comes and goes. It tends to settle down, but if it carries on for more than a week visit your GP. Non-cyclical breast pain can be a side effect of HRT, anti-depressants and some herbal remedies including ginseng, a supplement often taken for menopause symptoms. 

And the good news is….
In most cases, cyclical breast pain starts to settle down the closer you get to menopause, which is 12 months after your last period, and stops completely post menopause.

be proactive

The best ways to deal with menopause breast pain
Severe or chronic breast pain can interfere with daily life, leading to anxiety and stress, which can make it worse. Diet and lifestyle changes may help relieve your symptoms.