What to avoid to help with menopause acne


Stress break outs
Whatever the cause, high stress levels can cause complexion havoc. So find a personal stress-busting activity; a daily dose of mindfulness, deep breathing, walks in the fresh air, exercise and yoga can all help. 

Oily hair products
Adult acne can be exacerbated by hair styling products. Oils in these products seep out onto the forehead trapping bacteria in your pores, causing inflammation and spots.

However, tempting this may be – don’t do it! You know you shouldn’t. You risk scarring and aggravating the spot by pushing inflammation deeper into the surrounding tissue.

Fad diets
Diets that call for you to eat high amounts of animal protein and dairy, rich in saturated fat and hormones, may make your skin condition worse.

Research suggests that a high consumption of dairy and refined carbohydrates (sugary foods and white refined carbs) may contribute. Also a protein called IGF-1, (an insulin like growth factor) stimulates oil production, which clogs follicles. This is intensified by milk and refined high-GI foods. So could it be true that dairy milk chocolate may cause those spots after all?

Be free from free radicals
Free radicals, (FRs) whilst sounding like an eighties new wave band, damage and age skin. Sun, smoking, pollution, hormone imbalance, poor diet and stress all speed up FR production. Use a daily moisturiser containing a SPF30 sunscreen, and avoid foods containing additives, artificial sweeteners and trans fats (found in biscuits, cakes and your favourite savoury snacks).

Anti-ageing creams may not be the answer
Some women spend a fortune on them; however, research has shown that lipid-rich, anti-ageing products may clog pores and cause menopausal acne. And while younger health bloggers rave about coconut oil and butter, it might be better for youthful or particularly dry skin, as it can block pores in older skin, contributing to acne.

When choosing a moisturiser, look at labels for the words non-comedogenic (non-clogging), Nars, Armani, Vichy and Lancome, are brands to look at.

Whilst we’re talking labels, check products for these ingredients that help treat acne and may help slow down the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Salicylic acid (gentle exfoliates to unclog pores)
  • Benzoyl peroxide (drying effect, so just use as a spot-treatment)
  • Sulphur (draws oil out of skin)
  • Glycolic acid (exfoliates)
  • Retinol A (for acne and wrinkles due to its collagen-building properties)

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