When to see your doctor about Itchy & Irritable Skin (Formication)

When to see your doctor forhot_flush_info_symptom_hot_help_itchy_skin.jpg

Not before you’ve been to a pharmacy!
Over the counter antihistamines may help to deal with itchiness. They work by blocking the cell receptors that react to the falling oestrogen levels causing the itching. 

However, Itchy skin (if it affects the whole body and is accompanied by other symptoms) can also be a sign of an underlying illness, consult your doctor if you’re worried.

And then there’s always HRT?  
HRT addresses the hormone imbalance responsible for the itchy, crawling sensation.

The usual caveat, there are pros and cons to taking HRT. See our vlog – What Is HRT? We don’t take a view. Read our Faqs About Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) It’s for you to decide whether it’s for you or not.


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Laura Llewellyn