When to see your doctor about loss of libido

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If lifestyle changes don’t help, your doctor can discuss hormonal treatment options or may be able to refer you for specialist support. Psychosexual therapy is available on the NHS, or privately. 

It can be tough talking to your doctor about such intimate areas of your life. The 2016 British Menopause Survey found that half the women going through menopause are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor. Try to book an appointment with a doctor you feel most comfortable with, or ask if a doctor in your practice specialises in menopause. 

Women's Health Physiotherapist Christien Bird from the White hart Clinic, told Hot Flush that she often has patients referred by doctor's to help with pelvic floor problems, prolapse, incontinence and painful sex due to vaginal dryness, or muscle tension in the pelvic area. She said there is no subject that is too intimate and that you need to be 'courageous and ask for help'. Read our post Menopause and Painful Sex: 4 top tips to prevent painful sex during menopause.

Alternatively, you could ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist menopause clinic in your area. If they can’t, go online.  A quick internet search showed that Hot Flush’s local health trust runs a ‘menopause clinic for women experiencing a problematic menopause’ in a local hospital. 

Another option is Dr Morton’s medical helpline, where it’s possible to speak anonymously about intimate issues and receive expert advice from an expert gynaecologist, to help you control your issues. This service charges a small fee, details of which can be found on the website www.drmortons.co.uk

And then there’s always HRT…
HRT can improve sleep pattern, increase energy levels and reduce stress. However, some forms of HRT can cause the body to produce less testosterone, important for libido, mood and energy levels so you may want to check this out with your doctor. Watch our Hot Flush What Is HRT? vlog to find out more on this subject and our conversation with our gynaecologist, Dr Karen Morton Talking Menopause with Hot Flush. We don’t take a view. It’s for you to decide whether it’s for you or not.



Laura Llewellyn