Lifestyle & wellbeing to help with low self esteem


Exercise is a bonus
Exercise not only helps confidence-sapping menopause weight gain, but releases mood enhancing endorphins. Choose exercise that you’ll enjoy and stick with, as the benefits take time to kick in. Build brisk walks into your day, take the stairs instead of the lift, fill out a gym membership, start Zumba - just do something! Watch our Fighting fit: Netball vlog, it's more fun when exercising with others.

Because you’re worth it
Making time for a little TLC is important. Whatever your thing, indulge! Potter in the garden, curl up on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix, read a book, soak in a relaxing candle-lit bath, book yourself in for a manicure. Try to go easy on yourself, and let those around you know you need some nurturing time to do the things that make you feel better.

Try those yoga and deep breathing exercises we keep talking about. Watch our YouTube vlog Yoga with Annie – Relaxation & Breathing Exercises – basically anything that is non-stressful and that you enjoy.

When social and online networking can help. 
Don’t suffer in silence! Talking to other women going through similar experiences, and finding that you’re not alone, can be therapeutic and reassuring. We’ve had some of our funniest, frankest and most poignant conversations with women of all ages who’ve experienced every sort of menopause. If you can’t talk in person, go online, embrace social networking and menopause forums. Who knows what new friends you may find in far-flung places? Join our Facebook Group, PositivePause Chill Zone, follow us on Instagram, or Twitter, you’ll love our positivity and likeminded friends.

Take control
It can be a sobering realisation for women in mid-life that their bodies have changed. In many cultures women see menopause as a time of increased respect and freedom. We’re not there yet, but on the bright side, although women in the Western world aren’t throwing menopause parties (yet!), it’s good to see that menopause is finally being talked about in the media, as well-known women go public with their menopause stories. 

Menopause isn’t an illness, but a phase of life, that can be somewhat trickier for some. Adopting a positive attitude and taking the appropriate action will help you to come through it with your self-esteem intact. It might take some tweaking and adjusting, but taking control of your own menopause will help.



Laura Llewellyn