Lifestyle & wellbeing to help with menopause and hair loss

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Stress reduction

Hair loss is exacerbated by stress. Hormone imbalance can cause hair loss, which is stressful and that stress may cause more loss, a classic vicious circle. Find your own stress relief: deep breathing, exercise or yoga to help reduce stress levels. Watch our vlog Yoga with Annie – Relaxation Breathing Exercises

Reduces stress, improves sleep and helps with blood circulation, which in turn benefits hair follicles. Stretching poses in yoga are great for de-stressing, getting your head below your heart, and helping blood to get to the scalp. Watch our Yoga with Annie – Stretching Exercises. Aerobic exercise that reduces stress can help in any plan to deal with hair loss. Get some inspiration by watching our Fighting Fit with Sally.

For more information about products and tips about caring for menopause hair see our hair raising post – 6 Things to Help Fix Hair Loss in Menopause.