Supplements worth trying for menopause and hair loss

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You should get all the nutrients your hair needs from a healthy, balanced diet. But there is a range of supplements to top up if necessary:

  • Iron*: heavy periods may lead to low ferritin levels – the protein that stores iron in your body. Lack of iron is one of the most common deficiencies in women with thinning hair.

  • Zinc: often recommended by dermatologists for hair loss.

  • Multivitamin & mineral supplement: specifically for menopause.

  • Biotin: an essential B vitamin, helps the body to make the protein used to create skin, hair and nails (however, there is some debate about whether this works or not, take no more than 0.9mg per day)

  • Omega-3 supplements: milled Linseeds or fish oils

  • Ginseng & Black Cohosh: phytoestrogens that address underlying hormonal imbalance

*Talk to your GP about supplements. They are widely available but when self-prescribed can cause contraindications with other medication or may have side effects.