What to avoid to help with mood swings

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Why Monster Munch won’t help
It's a simple truth for lots of us; mood swings can make us over-eat the wrong foods. When you’re feeling down, will you reach for a comforting mouthful of Kale, a bag of Monster Munch or a comforting cookie? Those refined carbs; lovely soft white bread, pasta, chips and maybe your favourite guilty pleasure, savoury brightly packaged fried corn snacks, contain trans fats and sodium, both substances to avoid. Refined carbs can cause a speedy increase in blood sugar levels causing high and low mood swings, weight gain and fatigue. 

An end of a day alcoholic drink feels good in the short term, but the flip side is that it can affect the quality of your much needed sleep, increasing the number of night sweats and your sense of anxiety. Alcohol lowers the levels of the mood regulating chemical serotonin. See our vlog with Laura Willoughby - Going Soba with Club Soda for more information on this. 

Caffeine Ban
If hormonal imbalance is causing your mood to swing, caffeine may exacerbate the problem. Eliminate or reduce caffeine intake. If you can’t go cold turkey, drink it as early as possible in the day so that it doesn’t scupper your chances of getting to sleep when you need to, further affecting the mood pendulum. Drink caffeine-free soft drinks and herbal teas; peppermint, chamomile, fennel. 

Big Meals
Eat smaller meals, regularly, to avoid the blood sugar fluctuations that may lead to mood swings, irritability or tearfulness. Eat lots of colourful food and banish the beige! These foods are more refined and processed.