When to see your doctor about tinnitus

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Although the onset of tinnitus in women between 40-60 is associated with hormonal imbalance there may be other causes including reactions to medications, sweetener, heart disease or hypothyroidism.  Talk to your doctor to rule out a serious, underlying cause. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Or CBT for short, aims to change the way you feel about your tinnitus, so you cope better with it. The less you know about the condition the more anxious and depressed you may feel - inadvertently making it worse. Available on the NHS, CBT retrains the way you think about your tinnitus so it becomes less of a focus. 

And then there’s always HRT….
But be warned: tinnitus may be one of the side effects of correcting fluctuating hormone levels with HRT. A 2014 review posted on eHealthMe looked at just under 70,000 women who took an oestrogen-only hormone replacement prescription product - 0.5% reported tinnitus as a side effect. More recent 2017 research published in the North American Menopause Society journal, claims HRT is associated with a higher risk of hearing loss. Researchers reviewed 80,972 women, the observational study found that the use of oral HRT for women who go through menopause at a later age had greater hearing loss.

The usual caveat here, that HRT is something to be discussed with your doctor. There are pros and cons to taking HRT. See our vlog, What is HRT? We don’t take a view. It’s for you to decide whether it’s right for you, or not.



Laura Llewellyn