I just wanted to thank you both so very much for a wonderful afternoon at your event on Saturday. Your speakers were amazing, their advice invaluable. I learnt so much…I love your site, I cannot imagine how many women you have helped (saved!) You are both amazing.
Thank you Cheryl


the history...

Jo's Story

When my doctor told me that I was perimenopausal, I looked at her blankly, then grimaced as I word that included ‘menopause’ was aimed at me. At least ten years earlier, I'd been listening to a discussion about menopause on Radio 4's Woman's Hour, thinking that by the time I hit menopause, there'd be huge awareness, women would have a voice, know exactly what they needed to do and how to take control. 

Fast forward 10 years - I came out of the doctor’s surgery, got on the train to work and typed ‘perimenopause’ into my phone. Where were these entertaining, informative and relatable sites I'd foreseen back when the menopause was many menstrual cycles down the line? Yes, there was masses of information but I seemed to be entering into a melancholy world of gloomy, menopausal endings and I wanted to be able to quickly identify what my own symptoms were, and more importantly, find out how to get on top of them.

Meeting up with my contemporaries, including Ann, we’d invariably end up complaining about hot flushes, anxiety, our swinging moods or aching joints. These bright, lively, usually well-informed women were all saying how unsure and ill-equipped they felt they were, to deal with the menopause.

If we couldn’t find a site that would inform, entertain and reassure in a way that spoke to us, Ann and I decided that we’d do it ourselves. Taking on the menopause mantle, our website was born.


Who Are We & what are we about?


PositivePause embrace midlife, menopause and beyond, helping women to be the best that they can be. Formed in 2016, by Ann and Jo, both menopausal, frustrated and over-whelmed by the range of information available online as we navigated the menopausal minefield. We would like you to join our journey in the hope that by sharing our discoveries & experiences in a more optimistic, up beat approach, you’ll find the support you need during this complex time in your life.

We’ve spoken to many medical experts so we can share what we've learnt and help others be more positive about their pause.

We like to think that we're like a glossy magazine that women will want to revisit, primarily for menopause advice but also for mid-life stuff, culture and style. We use affiliate links and accept sponsored posts from time to time but only for the products that we've used and liked or would be more than happy to use, wear, eat! 

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'I just wanted to say that I heard you on Woman's Hour & love your website & what you are trying to do. All hail to you both, thank you very much!' Jemma Metcalfe-Gibson


Jo Mcewan

Jo has worked in education, in one way or another, since leaving university. Much of her work requires strong communication skills and a passion for what she does. She brings these skills to bear in PositivePause simplifying key ideas and options. Her online life happened by chance but she’s had a lot of fun learning new skills, (still lots to learn), trying out new things and meeting new people. Naturally exercise-avoidant she's trying to practice what she preaches which can be seen in some of the PositivePause vlogs (but who's Eric, and who's Ernie?).


Ann stephens

Ann has a long career in design. Originally as a fashion designer, creating for labels from Mulberry, to the Conran Design Group. Ann re-trained as an interior designer and has her own ID practice. Always up for a challenge, developing PositivePause has allowed her to embrace social media, shooting and editing videos and contributing to features. Ann never saw cooking as one of her assets, however her journey has developed her interest in healthy nutrition and concocting recipes, although there have been some disasters in the kitchen!

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