change in body odour


“Smells Like Teen Spirit”! Nirvana might have been celebrating youthful teenage hormones but right now yours are probably causing either a change in your body odour - or your perception of it!


Why now?

As your body’s internal heating system goes into over-drive in perimenopause, the hypothalamus, (the part of the brain that regulates temperature), is tricked by your depleting oestrogen levels into producing more sweat, which can be excessive for some of us. Bacteria then feeds on the protein in our sweat causing mouth, groin, armpit, and foot odour. Other menopause symptoms including: hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks can make sweating worse. 

Some women also experience a heightened sense of smell in menopause. So if you’re worried you’re whiffy, relax you may be smelling something that nobody else is.

And the good news is….
Small changes to your lifestyle and being prepared for those hot moments should help you to manage any odour issues. As it’s caused by hormonal imbalance, post-menopause when your levels have settled so should the odour.


The best way to deal with menopause body odour
Menopause stinks! But there are practical steps you can take, and though you may feel like you’re the only person this is happening to, trust us, you’re not alone.