Dental and Mouth Issues


 Menopause mouth, another strange symptom can start up to three years before you’ve even realised that you’ve hit the big M. 

‘Mouthwash’ sings Kate Nash. Maybe you’ve started to feel the need to use it more often?


Why now?

Depleting oestrogen levels (DOL) dry out mucus membranes in your mouth and other moisture dependent areas. DOL can lead to a dry, or in some cases burning mouth, sensitive or bleeding gums, loose teeth, and tooth loss and can make your bones, including your jaw weaker. Increased thirst, difficulties chewing and swallowing, and perish the thought, problems talking, may be other dry mouth signs. 

You may still be producing a decent amount of saliva but the quality declines, so it’s not doing its usual job, keeping the mouth moist. Add increased tongue sensitivity and your mouth becomes a pretty unpleasant place for your tongue to hang out!

And the good news is….
Regular dental check-ups should detect issues early on. Stay on top of dental hygiene, and your teeth and gums will benefit.

be proactive

The best help for your dental issues during menopause
Your dry or burning mouth, may, or may not, be a symptom of menopause. Medication or an underlying health condition could be the cause. See your dentist who’ll be able to work out if fluctuating hormones are to blame.