Fatigue and Menopause


Not to be confused with feeling sleepy, it’s an extreme exhaustion affecting mood, well-being and the ability to concentrate. Tough when your employer, child or partner who’s not on the same fatigue page, is making demands on you.

‘‘Cheer up sleepy Jean” If only you could! Little did the Monkees know that their song would be hi-jacked by a midlife & menopause website to describe the impact of menopausal fatigue!


Why now?

Depleting oestrogen levels impact on both your sleep cycle and the quality of your much-needed shut-eye. Oestrogen regulates (limits!) production of the hormone cortisol; so when levels drop, cortisol production increases, causing fatigue and anxiety. Result, you don’t feel refreshed or rested when you wake up and this persists throughout the day. 

Women who have previously slept soundly may now notice a change in sleep habits. Add stress, insomnia, night sweats, alongside a constant sense of dread and anxiety experienced by some perimenopausal and menopausal women, and it becomes a fairly toxic fatigue cocktail. 

And the good news is….
Fatigue should pass if you take appropriate action!  

be proactive

The best ways to deal with menopause fatigue
Think about your diet. Take a good look at your lifestyle. How do you deal with stress? The results of this self scrutiny exercise will make up your menopause management road map.