If you’re now suffering from more intense and more frequent headaches, it could be a sign that you're in the early stages of menopause.

“Heal the Pain” Okay, George Michael was singing about a broken heart, but for us it’s the pain of a hormone-induced headache!


Why now?

There’s a link between your periods, fluctuating hormones and the frequency and intensity of headaches. Approaching menopause, oestrogen supplies can be as inconsistent as a British summer, so it’s no surprise that women may experience more frequent and severe headaches around this time, even if they weren’t previous headache sufferers.  Hormonal headaches are most likely to develop in the two days leading up to a period, or within the first three days of a period. 

And the good news is….

The severity of migraines may decrease during perimenopause, and they may stop altogether after menopause, as your hormones stabilise.


be proactive

The best ways to prevent menopause headaches
Manage headaches and migraines with diet changes, relaxation, stress-busting techniques and keeping on top of your sleep. Medication helps, too!