Loss of Libido


 There are many reasons why, quite frankly, our flames of passion seem more like hormonally-depleted cinders. Embarrassment, or as PositivePause women have told us, shame, means we usually don’t discuss what’s happening with our partner. Talk now to prevent misunderstandings and relationship problems further down the line.

“You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling!” lamented the Righteous Brothers. Well yes, we have!


Why now?

Levels of oestrogen, progesterone, androgens and testosterone surge and drop in menopause affecting sexual desire and how we follow up on it. Plus physical symptoms including hot flushes, irregular or heavy periods, fatigue, breast pain and vaginal dryness aren’t exactly going to make you feel foxy. Vaginal dryness is one of the first indicators of perimenopause and added to psychological symptoms such as anxiety and depression, the feeling that your delicate bits are lined with sandpaper probably puts a tin hat on your libido.

For more information, see our symptom piece on Vaginal Dryness

And the good news is….
Your sex life shouldn’t wither with age. Once your body has adjusted to its hormone levels your sexual desire should return. And think about the positive benefits of the menopause, no more periods or contraception worries.


be proactive

The best ways to boost your libido in menopause
Diet, lifestyle and overcoming your embarrassment to talk about what’s happening, and ask for help if your symptoms are severe, are all important.