The link between lost oestrogen, lost confidence, and the low self-esteem that comes knocking at your perimenopausal door, has a huge affect on the way you see yourself.

“You See the Trouble with Me”, back in the seventies Barry White was singing about lost love but we’re thinking about low self-esteem in menopause and midlife!


Why now?

Menopause can hit you like a high-speed train, or furtively creep up on you, reaching into all areas of your life, uninvited. You find yourself confronted with challenging issues that may impact on your perception of yourself. A mix of physical, emotional and psychological changes take place, but you didn’t choose the menopause trip and you don’t have the road map - making you feel lost and crushing your self-esteem.

And the good news Is…

Making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and going easy on yourself mean that you can learn to enjoy the next phase of your life.

be proactive

The best ways to deal with low self-esteem
Use the menopause as an opportunity to carry out a life-audit and make changes. It could be exercising more, improving your diet or cutting down, or cutting out, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Yes, you’re in menopause, but change can be good. Take control.