Mood swings


Let’s not underestimate how difficult it is for you and for those around you, as you become tearful, snappy, less tolerant and less like yourself. 

“My Ever Changing Moods…” indeed they are. The Style Council song captures the emotional roller coaster experienced by many women, as moods swing erratically through peri-menopause and menopause.


Why now?

Oestrogen works by blocking the breakdown of the happy hormone serotonin. As your perimenopause takes hold and oestrogen levels fall, the oestrogen receptors in the brain no longer do their job and serotonin levels drop. Add to this, the psychological, physical and emotional impact of other menopause symptoms, and your mood can start to dip. You feel more emotional, angry, irritable and overwhelmed. Some women’s own personal psychological history may make them more prone to the impact of fluctuating hormones on their moods.

be proactive

The best ways to deal with menopause mood swings
We think that mood swings are a chart-topping menopause symptom. You start to feel less like you. Your moods and manner can have an impact on your relationships across the board, with; partners, family, friends and work colleagues.