Static electric shocks, tingling extremities, and pins and needles may all be experienced and affect feet, legs, arms and hands. Grip may weaken, numb feet can cause problems with balance, pinched nerves or compressed joints can cause a burning sensation under your skin, or a feeling that limbs have unexpectedly gone to sleep.

“She’s Electric”, sang Oasis, and women suffering from the uncommon perimenopause symptom, paraesthesia, might well agree.


Why now?

Hormonal changes have a direct effect on our nervous system. When oestrogen levels fluctuate, messages between the nervous system and parts of the body can be misinterpreted, resulting in a prickly feeling under the skin. Falling oestrogen levels also affect collagen production, causing the skin to thin and reducing blood flow to nerves in the extremities. For some, static electric shock may be a forerunner to a hot flush and can occur at any moment.  

And the good news is….

These exasperating, tingling, numbing sensations, generally pass once you’ve gone through the menopause transition.


The best ways to deal with static shocks, pins and needles and tingling sensations.
A healthy, balanced diet, good hydration, exercise and a decent night’s sleep will go a long way to dealing with the tingles.