Feeling bloated


You know the feeling? Your belly’s tight and bloated. You’re inflated like a balloon; time to undo that button or zip! Ah, that’s better.

“Just Blew in from the Windy City” Doris Day might not have reached menopause when she sang this, but we think it’s apt little tune describing when unpleasant menopause symptom catches you off guard.


Why now?

It’s a common perimenopause problem you can blame on your fluctuating hormones. Changing oestrogen levels mean our bodies tend to store more water, making us feel bloated and uncomfortable, and the amount of bile we make also alters, which can affect how we digest fat causing more wind, bloating and constipation. Progesterone has a diuretic effect, too, and falling levels mean we wee less when we go to the loo. Finally, hormone related weight gain, generally around our middle, can increase that bloated feeling. 

And the good news is….
This is a common perimenopause symptom and once you’ve gone through menopause it should become less troublesome.


The best ways to help when your feeling bloated
Simple lifestyle changes and eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and whole foods can help beat the bloat.