Lifestyle & wellbeing to help with hot flushes

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Control your environment  
Turn heating controls down. Layer up your clothes so you can strip down when needed. Synthetic fabrics can make you sweat more so try to wear cotton instead, it wicks sweat away from your body. Open windows where possible.

Essential oils for the heat of the moment…

  • Try clary sage, thyme, peppermint or roman chamomile: rub a couple of drops onto palms of hands, back of neck or feet. If you’re on the move, put 1-2 drops on a tissue, inhale, focus and cool down!

  • Carry a cooling peppermint spritzer spray. Buy or make your own: 3-5 drops of peppermint oil to 50ml water. Mix, shake, and as an added cooling bonus, store it in the fridge


Exercise helps with hot flushes
The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists recommend exercise as a safe, effective treatment for hot flushes in place of HRT (exercise may help train the body to control its temperature). Try:

  • Regular aerobic exercise: running and swimming

  • When time is a factor take a none-joint-jarring, fast walk during your lunch break or try and build in a walk when previously you might have driven or taken a bus. Walking moves from low to medium intensity exercise when you start sweating and breathing harder.

  • Low-intensity exercise: stretching, yoga, walking, hula-hooping. Watch our YouTube vlog Yoga with Annie – Basic Stretching Exercises

Keep calm to keep cool
As stress levels rise, hot-flush rates increase as adrenaline surges, causing your heart to beat faster and raising your temperature. So, stress makes hot flushes worse, yet, hot flushes accompanied by feeling out of control can raise your stress levels. What a double whammy! 

Women suffering from anxiety before the menopause may suffer more intense hot flushes. Look into stress management techniques: yoga, mindfulness, exercise, dance or a relaxing hobby.

Controlled breathing calms down the over-stimulated sympathetic nervous system which control your hot flushes. Make time twice a day to practice. Watch our YouTube vlog Yoga with Annie – Basic relaxation exercises

An App to cool your hot flushes

Clarity is a Mindfulness App designed specifically with menopausal women in mind. Download it on the Appstore to be eased through your hot flushes, find out more about the Clarity App here.

Cooling cloth for hot women

Technological advances in textiles has seen newly developed brands that supply moisture wicking products to relieve hot flushes. Clothing brands include Fifty One Apparel, Become and Cucumber Clothing. There’s also bedding from DermaTherapy made from an antimicrobial nylon-polyester blend claiming to absorb water 60% faster than cotton bedding, helping maintain freshness with its special ‘soil release’ mechanism to keep the fabric clean. All helpful qualities for those experiencing menopause night sweats!